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Jazz Standard Conspiracy Theory: Fly Me to the Moon

David Wall has made a name for himself as the lead vocalist of the Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band and From Both Ends Of The Earth.

He has also written for film, theatre and for art installations and just this past year, David was instrumental in helping put together and host our Songwriters series.

EPISODE 2 - On "Jazz Standard Conspiracy Theory: Fly Me to the Moon"

This episode takes the "Fly Me to the Moon" standard apart by looking at its history as well as some of the mystery surrounding it.

Trios - Ernesto Cervini

Drummer Ernesto Cervini is making a name for himself as a consummate bandleader and in-demand sideman. His work as a musician has seen him nominated for a Juno (Myriad3) and has taken him across North America. In 2014, Ernesto also began a second career as a publicist, establishing Orange Grove Publicity and he has quickly become one of the most in demand jazz publicists in Toronto.

On Trios, as the name would suggest, Ernesto takes a look at one of his favourite jazz configurations, the trio.

FULL EPISODE - Trios with Ernesto Cervini


There's No Business Like Show Business - Brendan Canning

From DJ to Canadian Rock icon and founding member of Broken Social Scene, Brendan Canning has covered a lot of ground over the course of his career. As avid music collector, There's No Business Like Show Business takes a look at some of the jazz in his collection that has inspired him.

FULL EPISODE - There's No Business Like Show Business


The Bottom Line - Mike Downes

Juno-Award winner and educator Mike Downes is one of the top bass players in Canada, so obviously, he has a certain affinity to other bass players.

The Bottom Line takes you through some of Mike's favourite compositions by masters of the low end.

FULL EPISODE - The Bottom Line

Jazz Gone Wild - Jaymz Bee

Jaymz explores jazz influenced pop and lounge music...with a different theme for each episode. Some of the music is brilliant and wonderful, but he will also take pleasure in presenting music that is "wrong and strong"! Chances are you will hear some things you've never heard before - and have some big chuckles along the way.

EPISODE 7 - Jazz & Jesters (With guest host Don Francks)

Chasing The Train - Cory Weeds

Cory Weeds is one of the most respected saxophonists in Canada. He has spentover a decade running the Cellar Jazz Club in Vancouver. The Cellar served as the hub of the entire Vancouver Jazz Scene, and Cory was at the head of it all.

The Cellar has now closed its doors, but Cory is continuing his work with the newly-minted Cellar Jazz Society which is a non-profit organization "dedicated to educating and increasing the public’s understanding and appreciation of Jazz, by providing performances of artistic nature at public venues and educational institutions."

In his Off the Air podcast Chasing The Train, Cory looks back at some of the most memorable moments from his time running the Cellar Jazz Club.

FULL EPISODE - Chasing The Train

For more information on the Cellar Jazz Society, visit their website HERE.

The Composers - Chilly Gonzales

Composition lies at the heart of Chilly Gonzales' career. From his solo piano records to his work with Feist, Daft Punk and more, his compositional work has been in very high demand.

The Composers looks at jazz through the lens of a composer, eschewing virtuosity in favor of well crafted songs, harmony and structure.

FULL EPISODE - The Composers

Let's Do It - Kevin Drew

Throughout his eclectic musical career, Kevin Drew has been a founding member of Broken Social Scene, helped launch the Arts & Crafts label, and just this year he released his second solo record, Darlings.

With everything he's done, the constant has always been music. On his podcast Let's Do It, Kevin shares some of his favourite music that he has collected over the years.

So ... Let's Do It!

EPISODE 1 - Let's Do It

Heroes - Mervon Mehta

Mervon Mehta knows music. Over his decades in the music industry, he has consistently brought top talent to whichever venue he has worked at from Chicago, to his current post here in Toronto.

Heroes takes a look at some of the artists that resonate strongly with Mervon. From classic artists including Oscar Peterson and Sarah Vaughn, to new talent such as Cecile McLorin Salvant, the show is a journey through Mervon's Heroes.

FULL EPISODE - Heroes with Mervon Mehta

IV Decades of My Favourite Things - Dave Young

Since moving to Toronto in the 60s, Dave Young has consistently been one of Canada's most in demand bass players. Be it working at the legendary Bourbon Street Club with some of the world’s best players or with Oscar Peterson for over 20 years, Dave has seen and heard it all.

IV Decades of My Favourite Things looks at the music that has inspired him throughout his career and that he still listens to on a regular basis. Ranging from the late 50s through the 2000s, Dave's picks hit all the right notes.

FULL EPISODE - IV Decades of My Favourite Things

BingCast - Ron Sexsmith

One of the world's foremost singer/songwriters, Ron Sexsmith dropped by the JAZZ.FM91 studios to share his love for one of his favourite voices: Bing Crosby!

FULL EPISODE - BingCast with Ron Sexsmith






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