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    Emerging Artist Profile - Megan Jutting

    Megan Jutting is a trumpeter based in Toronto. She has completed most of a B.Mus. from Humber College, and has been part of several ensembles, notably lead trumpet in the Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble and Groove Merchants. She is a part of several projects including the Latin-Jazz-Dance fusion band “The Achromatics” on trumpet, voice and flute; lead trumpet in Mason Victoria’s Sonuskapos Jazz Orchestra, and several other freelance projects. She enjoys playing in any genre and regularly plays in styles such as jazz, funk, disco, Motown, Latin, big band and many others. Megan is available for all types of events including weddings, corporate events, recording sessions and original music project showcases. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

    Emerging Artist Profile Questions:

    1) What was the biggest inspiration for you entering music as a career?

    Listening to music has always made my life very rich, right from when I was a kid. Being given the ability and opportunity to share that richness with others seemed like a chance that I couldn’t refuse. Learning to play the trumpet, as well as side adventures into composing, arranging and audio engineering has helped me share music with others, and hopefully it will only get better from here.

    2) As an emerging artist, what are you hoping to gain from attending the Music Business Seminar?

    A big part of being able to share my love of music with other people is reaching the people that will appreciate the music, and tastefully, yet effectively, getting my message through the incredible amount of information we have thrown at us every day. This task takes some knowledge and planning, and learning how industry leaders navigate this will be very interesting and informative.

    3) What artist / group / organization do you feel is best taking advantage of the current music industry climate most successfully?

    I think the company that is taking advantage the most of the current music industry climate is Google. They have a hand in many music distribution avenues including subscription-based streaming (Google Play Music, which also pays the second most to unsigned artists per stream after Tidal) and free online streaming (they own YouTube…) They are also one of the big search engines, and so are able to redirect search results to their own sites, helping their business. A big challenge in the current “climate” is how to get money to musicians when consumers don’t want to pay, which is something Google has been doing for a long time.

    4) What upcoming projects are you most looking forward to?

    I am excited to see where the band Vulfpeck goes in the near future. They have been a band since 2011, and made 4 EPs (2011-2014),  then 2 full-length albums in the last two years. Now that they have a following, I’m interested to see how they make it in our current situation where consumers don’t like paying for music. They have such a strong presence on YouTube and follow in Snarky Puppy’s fusion/heavy jazz genre, so I’m interested to see what happens as both bands continue to grow.

    5) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    In 10 years, I hope to have my student loans paid off (hopefully, oh dear), and settling into a split career involving being a musician and supplementing that with a part time or full time job (depending on my living situation). I’d love to be playing in some big bands around Toronto and elsewhere, maybe playing musicals and/or wedding band type shows. But really, I’ll play any music I’m asked to play… it’s all good!

    Lightning Round:

    Favourite new artist: Ben Wendel
    Last live concert / show you attended: Ken Page Gala Fundraiser with live music (Does that count? Apparently it’s been a while since I’ve been to show I haven’t played in!)
    Best piece of advice you received: Always find the good in every situation you find yourself in, because you never know what it could lead to.
    Favourite non-musical activity: Video games
    If you didn’t work in the music field, what would you want to be? A pastry chef, mainly making cakes that I get to decorate.

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